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An online discussion/action forum for Portland Oregon activists!
Right. This community's for anyone in Portland, Oregon who has a cause and an idea to share. We want to make our community better and we want to make our world better. So come here to discuss ideas, connect with other activists, find out how to get involved, and help each other out!

The rules are simple: treat everyone with respect because even if they just came from the sticks and don't know what "vegan" is, they probably have some experience or input to share. This community's about helping each other become better citizens, not about putting people down. So, no racism, classism, homophobia or sexism will be tolerated here. Nor will flaming comment-fights. If you really have to start another war, do it over e-mail, not here. Here we come to be tolerant of each other's ideas and help each other fight the battle against hate, war, and bigotry in the nation and the world!